As the temperatures keep rising, there is no confusion that summer has arrived in Texas. The months encourage great growth and are some of the most important of the year when it comes to your lawns. We encourage visiting some of the topics below with our staff and technicians, to make sure your lawn is covered. Here are some tips worth visiting:

·         Is your watering and irrigation set up on a proper schedule? We recommend watering early morning. This allows your lawn to absorb moisture without the worry of too much evaporation. It is always wise to have your lawn receive 1” of water every week. Please always keep in mind your local city ordinances, such as water restrictions.

·         Irrigation systems are a vital tool through these months, as the proper set up can both save you time and assist your lawn in maintaining proper watering levels. Have you had your system inspected or are you currently experiencing issues? Advance Landscape Designs is staffed with experienced technicians ready to assist you in assuring that your system is good to go for the summer heat. Call us at (512)918-8009 to schedule a visit

·         August is a great month to revisit your fertilization application. Along with proper watering, fertilization can help make your lawn strong and resistant to many of the issues that ails neglected lawns. At Advance Landscape Designs, we like to schedule these applications throughout the year to keep a consistent presence and encourage growth throughout the year – are you set up?

·         It is good to remember to mulch and turnover your beds during the next months to help maintain the health of any plants in danger of becoming dehydrated during these hot summer months. A layer of mulch will help prevent the germination of weeds to keep them from growing, help moderate the soil temperature and retain moisture during dry weather, reducing the need for watering. For any mulching needs, please contact Advance Landscape Designs to see how we can be of assistance.

Advance Landscape Designs works diligently throughout the course of the months before and after summer, to make sure your lawns and landscape are always at their best! And we are always ready to assist you with any needs if your lawn is in need of added attention and applications.