With the warm and wet weather looming, though still experiencing some cold flashes, it must mean-March is here! Advance Landscape Designs is pleased to share with you our hints and tips for the coming months of spring. Take a look and see what we have for you:

·         As we’ve previously mentioned, spring is considered a transitional period. As such it is good to consider and refocus on the watering habits of our lawn. It is a vital period of the year in which how we treat and prepare our lawns will determine their look throughout the much warmer summer month. As a general rule, it is advised to supplement an inch of water to the lawn on a weekly basis. Of course, it is important to always check current weather conditions and to refer to your local water restrictions, if any. Further, as we are considering the subject, it is good to note that overwatering can lead to disease and shallow rooted plants. If you have a watering system throughout your lawn now would be the time to get it checked out by our licensed technicians. Give us a call at (512)918-8009 to speak to one of our representative and have one of our techs come out to your property.

·         As seasons begin to change so do the aesthetics we wish to provide with our lawn. Consider the season and perennial flowers, as well as mulch – which both can add a fantastic result to your lawn. Flowers and plants such as: Lantana, Esperanza, Globe Amaranth, Mint Marigold, among many others, add a welcoming spring color to any lawn (while remaining heat and drought tolerant - perfect for a Texas lawn!). Mulch equally adds the same desired aesthetics while adding protection to a healthy lawn and its beds. Interested in changing your lawn’s looks for the comings months? Advance Landscape Designs has 25 years of experience and well educated staff to install and maintain these beautiful applications – call us at (512)918-8009 and see what wonderful things we can accomplish for you!

·         [From our previous newsletter] Often not talked about, but entirely necessary, is the subject of 'aeration'. Aeration is the process in which compacted soil is loosened up; this allows air, moisture and nutrients to reach your lawn’s roots easily. How would you know if your soil is heavily compacted? You can conduct a small test yourself with a simple garden fork: If the soil does not allow for more than 2 inches to be penetrated, then it is time to speak with your lawn service representative about aeration. Call us for more information.

·         Fertilization is as well an important process that is necessary during this time of the year. Seasonal fertilization promotes new leaf and root growth which can aid in pest damage, controlling and reducing weed growth.  Fertilization also helps replaces any lost nutrients to leeching. As always, our lawn technicians are well versed on the matter and are more than happy to assist you in this process.

As we approach spring, now is the time to consider the changes we want for our lawns – and with 25 years of experience, Advance Landscape Designs is the call to make. Our experienced staff is ready to assist and resolve any of your lawn goals and troubles. Give us a call at (512)918-8009 and talk to one of our representatives regarding these matters.

And as always, thank you for allowing Advance Landscape Designs to provide you with the services that provide your lawn with a healthy look.