2016 has arrived and we at Advance Landscape Designs would like to thank you for your continued show of confidence in the services we are able to provide to you for your home and lawn. At this time we are introducing our year opening newsletter. Within it you will find some helpful and enlightening tips that will assist in maintaining a proper and healthy lawn throughout the winter months.

•    It is of no surprise that the fall and winter seasons see a large amount of leaves throughout our Texas lawns. It is important to be mindful of this and be diligent of their removal to prevent fungal growth and turf decay. [From our previous newsletter]

•    As the leaves fall and with winter in full effect, there is no more opportune time to pay attention to the necessary maintenance of our trees and shrubs throughout our lawn with some standard pruning and trimming. With branches fully exposed we are able to see any potential rot, disease or damage. Our lawn technicians have years of experience in this field and are prepared to assist you in order to better prepare for the coming seasons of growth.

•    Mulching always adds an aesthetically pleasing element to your lawn. Mulch is also important this time of year due to the weather change and the temperature drop. A three to four inch layer of mulch helps maintain soil temperature. Lack of winter mulch can lead to the death of many perennials and small shrubs as the roots are exposed to the freezing air. Be sure to contact us at (512)918-8009 to discuss mulch application throughout your lawn beds with one of our representatives. [From our previous newsletter]

•    Winter is also a good time to consider the transplanting or planting of shrubs and trees. There may be a few that have perhaps struggled in the previous seasons and are in need of sun, shade and or better drainage. Whatever the case may be, we here at Advance Landscape Design are more than happy to assist in the project. 

Overall, winter is a great season to think or rethink our lawns and apply the necessary upkeep and changes needed to achieve a thriving lawn. With over 25 years of experience, we at Advance Landscape Designs are more than capable and happy to assist you in achieving these goals. Call us at (512)918-8009 to discuss your lawn’s potential and what in all we can do for you.