September is upon us! The kids are back in school and though we are still enduring some of the Texas heat, subject to what people are calling a “flash drought” – it is important to go over what you can do to keep your lawn healthy. Here are some tips!


•    During the month of September many begin planting their trees and shrubs for the fall and winter season. Planting in early autumn allows them time to root in preparation for the next summer. We’d be more than happy to discuss upgrades to your lawn.

•    Fall Festive Color makes a lawn statement.  All the vibrant flowers like Marigolds, Petunias, and Pansies are a few to mention, which add a nice accent to your lawn.  Mulch is also a nice way to add a simple clean touch.  Have a vision for your fall & winter lawn but are unsure as to how this can be applied? Advance Landscape Designs has years of experience in seasonal planting and we’re ready to help you. 

•    Assure that you’re watering your lawn consistently. Affirm if you have any current water restrictions and abide by them. We recommend watering early morning, during the cooler temperatures (not allowing the water to evaporate quickly). Remember to not water too much as this can as well have a negative effect. We recommend ½ inch of water for each watering session.

•    Have an irrigation system? Need help setting it up? Let Advance Landscape Designs assist you in adjusting your system correctly and inspecting any current issues that it may be subject to. Interested in knowing how an irrigation system can help your lawn? Call us now at (512)918-8009 to speak to one of our representatives.

•    It is important as well to watch out for any disease on your lawn. Brown patch, root rot, leaf spots and dollar spots are things to look for primarily. There are several alternatives to combat each and every one of these issues and the month of September is a perfect time to apply the methods to resolve these matters. Advance Landscape Designs is here to help. Call our representatives to discuss how we can help your lawn return to its green glory.

•    Fallen tree branches and tree coverage may as well affect parts of your lawn that are lacking growth. Lightly pruning your trees provides more sunlight to your lawn. Our crews are experts in adjusting these exposures and are ready to assist you with any of these trimmings or any other cleanups you might have.


Advance Landscape Designs is dedicated in providing the very best look for your lawn. It is a great pleasure to be able to provide these newsletters full of insightful information in order to assist you in the matter as well. Beyond that, we take great pride in consistently being available to you for all your lawn care needs. Our office and phone lines are open to you – call us at (512)918-800 to speak to one of our representatives regarding upgrades and maintenance of your lawn.